Building the Ultimate Bikini Athlete’s Glutes: A Comprehensive Guide

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Author: James Ayotte

Unleash the full potential of your glutes with “Building the Ultimate Bikini Athlete’s Glutes: A Comprehensive Guide” by renowned Olympian bikini coach James Ayotte. This definitive guide is meticulously crafted to help you develop the perfectly sculpted glutes every bikini athlete dreams of.

Dive into the world of glute training with 87 pages of in-depth knowledge and practical guidance, spread across three informative chapters:

Chapter 1: Mastering Glute Training Fundamentals and Techniques

  • Lay the foundation for your glute transformation journey by understanding the essential principles of glute training, form, and technique.

Chapter 2: The Ultimate Glute Training Guide: 58 Exercises and Stretches for Upper, Outer, and Lower Glutes with Step-by-Step Instructions and Images

  • Expand your exercise repertoire with 58 meticulously detailed exercises and stretches, complete with step-by-step instructions and images. Target your upper, outer, and lower glutes to achieve a well-rounded and balanced development.

Chapter 3: The Ultimate Glute Workout Collection: 41 Programs for Maximizing Glute Development

  • Bring it all together with 41 expertly designed workout programs tailored to maximize glute development. Customize your workout regime to suit your fitness level, schedule, and goals, ensuring optimal results.

“Building the Ultimate Bikini Athlete’s Glutes” is perfect for beginners, experienced athletes and bikini Olympians alike. Whether you’re a IFBB Bikini Pro or just starting your fitness journey, this comprehensive guide will empower you with the knowledge and tools to transform your glutes and achieve the ultimate bikini glutes. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your performance and confidence – invest in your glutes today!

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Reviews (39)

39 reviews for Building the Ultimate Bikini Athlete’s Glutes: A Comprehensive Guide

  1. Carla Scorn

    Wow James this was amazing thank you!

  2. Amelia Thompson

    Super detailed!

  3. Sophie Davis

    So much good information! Very useful <3

  4. Olivia Martin

    This is more than I expected, so much detail went into this. Nice work James!

  5. Isabella Johnson

    This was excellent, can’t wait to do the workouts!

  6. Mia Williams

    I loved this!

  7. Charlotte Brown

    This was crazy good, very happy I purchased it. I can’t wait to build Atlas glutes!

  8. Emily Wilson

    I can tell you put a lot of effort into this James, this is crazy. Thank you!

  9. Ava Harrison

    I workout at home and I wasn’t sure if I would get out a lot from this ebook.. I am very pleasantly surprised! I can’t wait to incorporate glute the home workouts into my routine!

  10. Zoe White

    So good!

  11. Grace Rodriguez

    I will highly recommend this to my training partners, so good.

  12. Emma Lewis

    Insanely detailed, unbeliveable!

  13. Harper Lee

    Way too good James, thank you!

  14. Ella Murphy

    The best ebook I’ve ever purchased.. very very good.

  15. Scarlett Campbell

    I love the detailed descriptions of every exercise and how you categorized them by the glute muscle they target! Super useful info! I never knew which exercise targeted which glute muscle.

  16. Lila Richardson

    So many workouts, I’m set for the next 5 years haha 😂

  17. Ivy Turner

    ❤❤❤ LOVE IT, so detailed.

  18. Nora Bennett

    So much good information, every booty builder needs this James! ❤

  19. Hazel Scott

    I’m a personal trainer and have been training for 20 years and still found great value from this ebook. Loved it!

  20. Stella Parker

    I can’t wait for glute day after reading this! Infinite motivation!

  21. Sierra Kahn

    Loved it, thank you!!!

  22. Olivia Martinez

    Very very useful information!!

  23. Amelia Thompson

    I loved this James, thanks so much!

  24. Isabella Johnson

    Best glute eBook I’ve ever read, amazing x100!

  25. Amanda Thompson

    Great read with amazing info. Thank you!

  26. Ava Jackson

    Yes! Just what I needed to grow a Team Atlas booty 😀

  27. Isabella Patel


  28. Cathy Shwartz

    SO good James wow!

  29. Anna Harper

    Wow, so helpful! Thanks James!

  30. Ashley Williams

    So informative, this guide makes me want to train glutes everyday. 😂🫶

  31. Ariel Mitchell

    Glutes guide is a game changer! 🫶

  32. Nadia Harper

    The glutes guide is a gem! 🍑

  33. Sophia Cooper

    The workouts are never boring! There’s great variety that keeps things interesting. It’s not just about repetition but about challenging yourself in different ways.

  34. Angelica Mike

    Super informative and effective, seriously made a lot of changes in my glutes workout. 🙏🏻

  35. Tatiana Olivier

    This explains everything so well. a really good source for high level glute workouts.

  36. Patricia Castro

    I love the flexibility of the workouts for training my glutes.

  37. Susan La Flesche

    I was able to get a workout in today! Whoop! It was so fun! 🙂

  38. Nikki Ohara

    It’s hands down one of the best out there! With targeted exercises and expert guidance, I had incredible gains in strength, definition, and overall booty gains.

  39. Joana Zghaib

    These exercises are great for all levels to help them achieve their glute goals effectively and efficiently. Thank you!

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