Competition Prep Services

Team Atlas is known in the bodybuilding industry as the team that produces only quality and only winners. On Team Atlas, we take pride in being a 1 coach team which ensures that ALL of your dietary updates, physique assessments, supplementation protocols and your show peaking process is handled by James, we will never hire lesser experienced coaches and hand you down to someone else- you deserve the best if you want to be the best. We take pride in ensuring that every one of our girls are at their absolute best every time they step on stage, regardless of if they are a beginner or an Olympian.

On Team Atlas, every athlete receives an extremely detailed approach, covering all bases of contest prep when it comes to getting ready for your big event. Team Atlas is the #1 Bikini coaching team in the bodybuilding industry, and we’ve produced over 45 new IFBB Bikini Pros since 2018 and 21 new bikini pros in 2021 alone, which takes the record for the most bikini pros made in the world, in one single year! Join Team Atlas today if you’re serious about being the best possible bikini athlete you can be, there is no one in the world that does it better or has better results- we guarantee it!


Athletes We’ve Worked With

These are real Team Atlas bikini athletes that we’ve worked with! We have made an innumerable amount of IFBB Bikini Pros, Bikini Overall Champions and Bikini Olympians out of beginner athletes! Will YOU be Team Atlas’ newest IFBB Bikini Pro and Bikini Olympian?

Our Competition Prep Packages

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