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Competition Prep Services

Team Atlas is widely renowned in the bodybuilding world for its dedication to produce talented and successful athletes. As a one-coach team, James Ayotte takes pleasure in providing each athlete with individualised and thorough support. James Ayotte is in charge of all areas of competition preparation, including nutritional updates, physical evaluations, supplementing protocols, and show peaking. This ensures that each athlete receives the utmost attention and knowledge.

At Team Atlas, James Ayotte seeks to bring out the best in every athlete, regardless of their genetic restrictions or prior experience. Our comprehensive and individualized strategy ensures that every athlete performs at their peak on competition day.

Team Atlas, the most effective bikini coaching team in the industry, has an incredible track record of success. Since 2018, we’ve produced over 66 new IFBB Bikini Pros, including a record-setting 21 new IFBB Bikini Pros in 2021 alone and 22 new IFBB Bikini Pros in 2022 alone. Team Atlas is your only option if you’re serious about attaining your best potential as a bikini athlete. James Ayotte claims that no one in the world offers superior assistance or outcomes.


Athletes We’ve Worked With

Team Atlas has a remarkable history of assisting aspiring bikini athletes to become successful competitors. James Ayotte has trained a large number of IFBB Bikini Pros, Bikini Overall Champions, and Bikini Olympians, many of whom began as novices.

You are invited to join the ranks of these outstanding athletes and become Team Atlas’s newest IFBB Bikini Pro or Bikini Olympian. With our proven track record and dedication to quality, we are confident in our abilities to assist you in reaching your goals and achieving your full potential in the NPC & IFBB Bikini category.

Our Competition Prep Packages

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