Team Atlas

“Do you have a dream, or do you have a plan?”

As someone who has been obese and has gone through a 140 lb weight loss transformation myself, I understand the importance of having a very customized plan set for your exact goals & I realize the significance of keeping you motivated throughout the process. Motivation is the driving force that inspires us to take action and pursue our goals. It is what gives us the energy and determination to keep going, even when faced with challenges or setbacks.

Proper coaching is essential for a number of reasons, one reason is to keep us motivated and on track towards our goals, and on Team Atlas we do this by ensuring our clients achieve great results through consistent progress and very detailed guidance. Proper coaching can also help individuals learn how to properly execute techniques and strategies, avoid mistakes or injuries, and develop good habits and practices. This can be especially important for activities that involve a level of risk or physical strain, such as bodybuilding or extreme sports. On Team Atlas we will save you a lot of time and money by ensuring all of the hard work you’re putting towards your goal is calculated and done in the most efficient way. We don’t waste time.

Proper coaching can also provide support and encouragement, which can be especially important for those who are just starting out or who are attempting to learn new skills or techniques. On Team Atlas, our goal is to ensure that every single one of our clients reach their full potential, and never feel like just a number. Whether you’re an Olympian, or someone looking to just step into the gym for the first time, we have you covered from A-Z. We have a very hands on approach, where we ensure that every small detailed is covered, and the client isn’t required to questions themselves, or figure things out on their own.

Our results are like no other bodybuilding coaching team. We created the most New IFBB Bikini Pros in the world for the last 2 consecutive years. We made 21 New Bikini Pros in 2021 and 22 New Bikini Pros in 2022, with a total of 66 since 2018. We also qualified 11 professional athletes to the 2022 Mr.Olympia, with a total of 20 Olympians qualified since 2018. Through extensive practice, trust of 1000’s of athletes and determination to my craft, I’ve been able to achieve these great results. I will continue to ensure the utmost quality on Team Atlas, and we will NEVER be a “factory coaching team” with multiple coaches. 1 Team, 1 Coach, 1 vision & only excellence as the result. I want to see you reach your fullest potential and I want help guide you towards achieving your fitness goals in the most efficient way possible. Join Team Atlas today and see what all the hype is about, you deserve the best.