“Stay consistent, and stay hungry for results!

As a personal trainer, who used to be obese myself, I know that transforming your body is not an easy task. Whether you are trying to lose fat or gain muscle, hard work is an absolute must!

Changing your body takes drive, consistency and of course self control. I understand that sticking to these competencies can be extremely difficult and that is why I work closely with my clients to help them develop a personalized approach and diet that works with their schedule while minimizing the time it will take to reach their goals.

In order to ensure that every client I work with gets the most out of their experience working with me, I develop a program and diet plan based on your specific needs and push you to train harder, while ensuring good technique. Your success is my success and therefore I am always pushing you to maximize results.

Another key to success is measuring change. It is often difficult to see major changes in one’s body as they happen. It is for this reason that I monitor your changes through several different measurements and photos!