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We are excited to introduce James Simpson, the latest addition to Team Atlas. As a top coaching organization, we continually strive to uphold our reputation for quality and excellence. James, an exclusive personal trainer for Team Atlas, will be providing his expertise at Monster Gym in Montreal.

With over 12 years of experience, James Simpson is highly qualified and passionate about helping clients achieve their fitness objectives, whether they’re athletes, pursuing weight loss, or seeking a healthier lifestyle and physique transformation.

Having a personal trainer like James to guide you through workouts at the gym offers numerous advantages for maximizing fat loss and muscle growth. James will tailor exercise plans based on your unique goals and fitness level, ensuring that each session is both safe and effective. His expertise in various training techniques enables him to continually challenge your body and adapt exercises as you progress, leading to optimal results! Furthermore, James provides motivation, support, and accountability, pushing you to consistently give your best effort during your workouts. This combination of expert guidance and encouragement will help you achieve your fitness objectives more efficiently and sustainably, ultimately enhancing both fat loss and muscle growth.


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